Please follow the links to download open source software developed by members of Computational Science Zurich. Happy Downloading!


Π4U — A parallel framework for Uncertainty Quantification of complex models
CMA_ES — Covariance Matrix Adaptation Evolution Strategy for Black-box Optimization
OpenOpal — Software environment for OPtimization And Learning
UQLab — The Framework for Uncertainty Quantification


RAMSES — A general purpose, Adaptive Mesh Refinement code for massively parallel simulations in astrophysics
PPM (Parallel Particle Mesh Library) — Software layer between the MPI and codes using hybrid particle-mesh methods for simulations in Fluid Mechanics, Biology, Granular Materials
LeSS (Leaping Stochastic Simulation) — C++ software package for simulating chemical reactions
SEM++ — Extended version of the subcellular element method for biological cell simulations: a C++ version for fast prototyping and a LAMMPS plugin for HPC
CUBISM-MPCF — High throughput software for direct numerical simulations of compressible two-phase flows


CIV — MATLAB toolbox for Cell Image Velocimetry (CIV) for wound healing assays
CurveletUtils — MATLAB source code for the edge detection method (with GUI)
TScratch — Tools based on wavelets and curvelets  to analyse wound healing assays (scratch assays)
MorphoGraphX — MorphoGraphX is a free Linux application for the visualization and analysis of 3D biological datasets. Developed by researchers, it is primarily used for the analysis and quantification of 3D live-imaged confocal datasets. The first public release of MorphoGraphX is described in this eLife paper.


Software (Made in Zurich)

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