.CSZ – YouTube.

Videos and Simulations from the YouTube channel of Computational Science Zurich.

COSS team – Videos

Videos and simulations of a network framework of cultural history, by COSS team, ETHZ.

CSE Lab – YouTube

Videos and simulations from the areas of fluid mechanics, nanotechnology and life sciences, by CSE Lab, ETHZ.

Galaxy formation

Time sequence of the formation of galaxy simulated with the RAMSES computational astrophysics code, by Prof. Ben Moore, CTAC, UZH.

History of Universe

The History of universe in 24 hours, by Ben Moore, UZH.

Liquid Metal

Geodynamo: Streamlines of flow of the liquid metal in the Earth's-like dynamo, Earth and Planetary Magnatism Group, ETHZ.

Live Life

Milk 67 & Professor Ben Moore, University of Zurich

Low-viscous simulation

Geodynamo: A vortex containing strong magnetic field is formed on the axis of rotation, by EPM, ETHZ

Magnetic Field

Geodynamo: Streamlines of the magnetic field produced in the Earth's-like dynamo, by Earth and Planetary Magnetism Group, ETHZ.

Merger trees

Merger trees from numerical simulations of the origin of the Earth-Moon system, by Prof. Ben Moore, CTAC, UZH.

Multibody airfoil

by Prof. Remi Abgrall, Mathematics, UZH.

Planetary flows

Flows driven by precision in planetary cores, by EPM, ETHZ.

Precess. driven dynamo

Precession driven dynamo (laminar regime): Isosurfaces of magnetic field strength (left) and velocity magnitude (right), by EPM, ETHZ.

Precess. driven dynamo

Unstable regime: Isosurfaces of magnetic field strength. Insulating boundary conditions (left), conducting boundary conditions (right), by EPM, ETHZ.

Structural Mechanics

Image by Prof. Eleni Chatzi, Institute of Structural Mechanics, ETHZ.

zBox4 Construction

By Professor Ben Moore, UZH.



zBox4 Construction

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