Teams of  PhD students and post-doctoral fellows complete a one-week focused research project on applied problems proposed by industry partners. Industry representatives and participating faculty coordinate the formulation of the problem and supervise the research teams. Topics can cover all scientific interests and domains represented in the PhD program and in particular their interfaces.


HOW : 

On Monday up to six industrial partners give a 1-hour presentation of an industrial problem. Teams are formed and they work dedicatedly on these problems for 4 days. On Friday the teams present their results. Any follow-up is left up to the individual industrial and academic partners. And of course there is a closing party!

Video about the AIM Week 2019 by ETH Industry Relations


The next AIM Week will take place from May 8-12, 2023 at UZH.


Industry partners of the AIM 2020 (slides & Recordings):

Ernst & Young
Siemens Smart Infrastructure

Zurich Insurance

Industry partners of the AIM 2019:

Ernst & Young
Zurich Insurance

Academia Industry Modeling (AIM) Week

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