PhD students follow course work and acquire at least 12 credit points by the end of their PhD so as to comply with University and ETH regulations. The following CSZ courses will be offered to all PhD students:
Block courses (2 to 6 credit points)

Block courses of 1 to 4 weeks will be held twice a year (spring and fall) by participating members. The goal is to introduce the students to various computational methods, train them on software development and related applications. These courses also serve to expose students to research in the various groups.

Computational Science Journal Clubs (1-2 credit points)

Journal clubs are organized in various institutes, where students can present and discuss papers specifically on computational science. Credit points will be awarded for students actually presenting papers regularly.

Laboratory exchanges (1-2 credit points)

PhD students will pass 1 to 2 months of their PhD program in a laboratory with an affiliation other than that of their home laboratory. The host will provide a physical space and a short project so as to expose the student to research activities in their lab. Every PhD student participates in at least one laboratory exchange.


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